DESTINATION PADDLE is the realized dream of a group of friends from around the world, who have had a personal relationship with the water for as long as they’ve been alive. Be it fishing, diving, surfing, boating or paddling, they have always found comfort in the vastness of oceans, lakes, and rivers.

So, what do you do when you are a water baby with a professional life, commute two hours to and from work each day, and live an hour from the beach? You mount an inland expedition to find the nearest ponds in your backyard, where you can grab a quick fix. This is exactly what our crew did, and so was the birth of our fantastic organization.  

The first iteration of a company name was the namesake of the up-and-coming Wesley Chapel community where we live.  Then there was the unexpected opportunity that none of us could have imagined—a chance to work directly with Kenneth Brackins at Rick’s On The River—a staple restaurant, bar, and grill located in downtown Tampa for more than 25 years.    

When amazing opportunities present themselves, it is simply time to respond amazingly. We quickly hammered out the logistics and relocated our operation to Rick’s On The River. The challenge then became how not to confuse our patrons. The only answer was rebrand, rebrand, rebrand.  On 1 August 2020, we cemented our new business relationship with a great reveal—a new name: DESTINATION PADDLE.  

The truth of the matter is that sometimes the journey is more important, and Destination Paddle speaks to the essence of who we are as people and adequately highlights the beyond-line-of-sight horizon we seek. But we’d be remiss to not pay tribute to the many water people and companies before us, who’ve created a sense of oneness across Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, and so many other niche cities and neighborhoods, like Tarpon Springs and Oldsmar. Thank you! 

Destination Paddle looks to expand paddleboarding and kayaking across Tampa Bay and to celebrate the diversity of its active people and culture.  The company also aims to join forces with the rest of our market in Florida and around the world to encourage conservation and education about our precious marine habitat. For these reasons, it is truly our hope that your family and friends may soon join us for what is sure to be an unforgettable experience.      

Lastly, and although self-serving, you should not be surprised to find our managing members paddling alongside you, as our axiom best explains the Why: Life is Better When You Paddle!  

Destination Paddle is a registered LLC with the Florida Secretary of State.


Reclaim Your Life

We live in an age of modernity that demands our time and attention.  Our physical and mental health seem subordinate to all that is good and true.  We spend less time with our partners and children and see less of our friends and neighbors.  But what if you could combine family, social distancing, and fun?  What if you could reclaim your life one hour, or two, at a time?  The big secret is that we did, and we know it is possible.  At Destination Paddle we have proven that Life is better when you paddle!


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